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100% Made-In-The-USA custom knit apparel manufacturer, proudly serving the fashion and performance apparel market since 1900.  Our Pennsylvania based manufacturing facilities have the capacity to handle cut and sew projects of all sizes, from small sample orders to hundreds of thousands of units of a single style.  Our customers come to us for a variety of services, including sample orders, cut and sew projects, repairs and full package production.

Production Services

As a premier provider of both garment dyed and piece dyed knitwear, we offer knit, bleach/dye, cut, sew, print, and packaging services tailored to our customers specifications.

We work hand in hand with your design and production teams and help designers, brands and specialty retailers bring leading edge concepts, fabrics and styles to market, quickly.

High Quality Apparel

We specialize in quick turn production of high quality apparel for fashion brands, performance apparel and retailers of all types and sizes. Our customers can choose to purchase full package production or can supply us with their own fabrics, trims and labels and have us just handle the cutting and sewing of their garment.  Consult with us to find a solution that meets your specific needs.

We continue to build long lasting relationships with most some of the most respected apparel brands around the world.

Why Choose Meck Mills USA

We are a leading producer of custom private label apparel, serving a number of top designers and specialty retailers in the industry. Most garments manufactured by us are custom made distinctly to our customers’ design specifications.

We are a one-stop shop for custom manufactured knits. From prepared for dye blanks, to customized retail ready packages, our Design Support team can help turn your concepts into reality.  Pricing for custom styles is determined individually based on based on fabric, style complexity and finishing requirements.

We proudly serve the market for smaller orders, high volume programs and quick turn production. We recognize the need in the market for leading edge garments that are often sold in smaller quantities and need to be brought to market very quickly. From concept to shelf, we can reduce lead times significantly compared to our overseas competition.  Speed to market and quick reaction to buyer behavior is how we make you more competitive.


Fabrics: Knits and Wovens,  Rib, Jersey, Interlock, Pique, Fleece, Thermal, Technical and Performance, Fire Retardant, Uniform and more.

Sewing Machines: Single Needle, Double Needle, Flat Seam, Merrow, Coverstitch, Mock-Safety, Neck Tape, Button Hole, Heat Seal, Tackers and more.

Additional Services: Screen Printing, Garment Repairs, Cutting, Pattern Making, Marker Making, Fabric Printing, Piece Dye, Garment Dye, Tie Dye, Labeling, Folding, Ticketing, Tagging and Bagging

Customer Guidelines

Production Minimums and Lead Times are dependent on a number of variables including fabric availability, trim availability and sewing complexity. Most of our customers use the following guidelines:


1,200 pieces per custom style

Garment dye, between 300 – 600 pieces per color

Piece dye, about 1,200 pieces per color

Lead Times

Normal production of Prepared for Dye Garments: 6 – 8 weeks.

Normal production of Garment Dyed Garments: 10 to 12 weeks.

Normal production of Piece Dyed Garments: 10 – 12 weeks.

Value added services screen printing, embroidery and pressing: About a week per service.

First time production of any garment/use of specialty fabrics: Usually adds some time to the above lead times.

Full package and Retail Ready programs, delivery quoted upon request.

Design Support Services

Our Design Support team will help turn your ideas into reality. Our reputation is built on our ability to take your creative design concepts and generate production-ready garments.

Although we will begin with whatever level of design information you can provide us, the more we get from you upfront, the faster and better we can serve you.

Estimates & Samples

Once we receive the following information: Specifications, Fabric, Desired Colors, Label Type(s) and placement, Pressing, Folding and Packing requirements, Estimated initial order quantity, we will provide you with:

Pre Costing Estimate:

3-5 business days. When you approve the pre-cost estimate we will, at your direction, make first samples

1st Sample and Pattern:

2-3 weeks. We begin by creating a pattern using Gerber Silhouette patternmaking technology and providing you with 1 sample to show the fit and construction of your garment.

Size Sort:

After your review and approval of the 1st sample, we grade the pattern according to your grading rulers. We will provide a sample of each size, if requested.

Salesman Samples:

Require a 2-4 week lead time after 1st sample approval.

Lab Dips:

We will dye to your custom colors, either piece dye or garment dye, offering an array of fabrics. Also, fashion garments often have different trims, laces or binding. Etc…

Dyed Samples:

This can add up to a week onto sample time. Custom colors require lab dip approval.

Production Approval:

You will need to sign and return before production can begin to insure a clear understanding of your expectations. The production Approval Form contains the style number, size range, fabric, sew construction, label information, after dye measurements, and production price.

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